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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Live Writer continued

I found a quite handy part of Live Writer tonight.  It has the ability to insert tags such as Technorati tags etc.  The html for these tags can be edited so the appear as you want them.

A quick search through the source of the blog and it turns out that the new Labels addition in Blogger Beta is nothing more than a link to a search page for the blog.  A quick cut and paste job and I can now insert Blogger Labels into the posts from Live Writer, as well as adding Technorati tags.

I don't know who Bill stole the idea for this software from but it was a good idea to steal. Simple and effective blog publishing for the masses. Not too complicated like other blog clients that are out there.  Most likely it will be free which gives it another tick in my book.

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Lily said...

whooosh! (ducks)

Bonez said...

It's just the techno-geek coming out in me :)

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