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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I guess I'm not alone

Neil from Citizen of the month posted this - "I Don't Understand Women".

Read that blog first, then have a quick glance through the comments and then head back here.




Done? Okay. Here is my question to the world. Why are men supposed to do all the work? We are supposed to bring flowers, search the world for interesting and unique things/places to go/do on a date. We have to make the woman feel as though she is special, all the time.

What about us? When does a man get to be pursued? Told that he is wonderful? Even just calling us for a date for a change?

I'm not saying that I don't want to do all the things that women want me to do. It's just that once in a while, I want her to call first, or choose what we do when we go out.

Once, just once, after I have scraped 3 days of growth from my face, used gel in my hair so that it looks normal for a whole night without becoming scruffy, used aftershave and deodorant, chosen the best clothes that I have in my wardrobe (even buying new ones because everything was dirty on the day), when I walk in the door to pick you up.....tell me how good I look for a change.

You see, I think the sword cuts both ways. Women want affirmation from men. They want to know they are appreciated and desired. And that is fine by me. Just know that we men need the same thing. Probably not as often, but occasionally we want to feel special as well.

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Lily said...

I've always complimented people, male or female, if something about them struck me as attractive. The trouble is I've found men to be particularly naff at accepting compliments; either they go all embarrassed or interpret 'nice shoes' as 'take me now'. Just the other day I told a fellow he smelled nice...poor chap went all unnecessary and had to face his mates (who'd overheard) ribbing him about 'mincing' out of the office. What's a girl to do?

Bonez said...

Yes we are incredibly crap at accepting compliments. But that's only because most of the time we don't get them. With practice comes confidence and we can take them a lot better.

I'm glad that you compliment people, it's a rare thing in the world today.

Now, if only I could find a girl who would ring me for a date instead of the other way around I'd be happy :)

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