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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Comment Problems should be fixed

Venomous Kate from over at Electric Venom was kind enough to drop me an email and let me know that my comment links were having issues and that it took some digging to be able to post comments from some browsers.

The only place I could figure that the problems were coming from was the peekaboo comment code that I was using. I've removed that code now so that by clicking on the "X Comments" link it should now take you directly to the post comment page.

Chalk it up to being over eager and trying to add gadgets (the curse of being a techno geek). At some point I might switch over to Haloscan comments as they seem to be a little more robust and useful than the blogger stuff. For now the standard comments will suffice.

She also pointed out that the page doesn't validate correctly. After checking through a large portion of the 1200 or so errors, it would seem that they come almost exclusively from the following

  • Blogger's own code in the templates
  • External html being returned from a few of the hacks that I use
  • a few errors coming from Live Writer
Unfortunately that means that most of them are errors that I can't do anything about for now. Unless I move over to a different blog host that allows me more control over the template then I guess the errors are here to stay.

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