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Monday, September 11, 2006

My Manifesto

I'm single. Thirty years old and single. Have been for about six years now. Does this bother me? Not at all. You see, I've been married, been separated, and dealt with all the dramas of relationships that conflict with my job.

Working in theatre presents some interesting challenges to a relationship. I don't do the 9 to 5 Monday to Friday thing. Some weeks I do, others I work 8am to midnight, Monday to Sunday or any other bizarre combination of hours and days. I've found that a lot of people can't handle that inconsistency and it causes problems.

Over the past six years I've had some run ins with the opposite sex. Some have been fun, some would seem to have torn my heart from my chest and trodden it into mush on the ground. None have turned into anything more than a few weeks of fun.

In the last few months I have started to rethink my life. What is it about past relationships that has caused them to fail? Is it the women I choose to pursue? Or is it me, pushing them away before I get hurt again? Or maybe a combination of both?

All this thinking has led me to this....my Relationship Manifesto.

I will follow my heart and not my head (or other parts of my anatomy)
I will not change who I am but I can change what I do
I will not accept those who do not accept me for who I am
I will not hide my feelings in the interest of preserving a relationship
I will not overlook the faults of others out of desperation
I must be content in my life before I can share it
True love is not a pipe dream, it exists, and just needs to be found
I will not settle for less than my soulmate

Now that it's recorded for eternity on this blog, I aim to be held accountable. I can't break my own rules, anymore.


Neil said...

I will not accept those who do not accept me for who I am --

This is something women have a big problem with. They should know by now that no one really changes that much!

Bonez said...

Especially when they expect us to take them as they are!

scrabby said...

Yeah... hypocritical bitches

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