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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sounds from the studio

I spent last Saturday in the studio with my friend Shane from the comedy duo The Laundromats. He has a side project going with another comedian doing music. No comedy, just some pretty cool songs etc. Check out their Myspace site at The Futons. It was great to be recording real music again after so long just doing live work and theatre.

Shane and I were in a band together back in 1999 and we wrote a lot of really cheesy punk songs about bizarre subjects such as The Tellietubbies and the cartoon show "Rocko's Modern Life". It's cool to see that we have both evolved from that point and can now write intelligent and mature songs!

You can listen to the rough demo of Shane's new song "One Pure One" from my webhost. Let me know if you like it, and I'll pass that on to Shane. You have to keep artists fed with ego improvement all the time or they start to self destruct.

I'm still working on The Laundromats' live album. All the final editing is done and now I just have to separate the 38 minute file into individual CD tracks for mixing. Then it's off to the mastering studio and I can hand the boys their second CD. I know that they are looking forward to it and so am I.

I need to get it finished ASAP because I have to move house very soon. The way my life is at the moment it could be some months before I get my studio gear set up in the new place and that would put quite a hold up on your enjoyment of the new album.


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