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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Random Blog of interest

Part of my blogging experience has been to read blogs at random. Generally I just hit the next blog button at the top of my page after I check for new comments etc. Sometimes they are indecipherable, other times they are news site regurgitators, and others are like this one by May.

When I hit a new blog I generally read only the top post. If it intrigues me then I read on. It's a big challenge to always have something interesting as the first post on the page, and I'm sure that quite often my blog falls well short of interesting, but as long as I apply that rule to every site I visit then it maintains the random rule that I chose to follow.

May Day Cafe opened today with Cinderella Man. She tells of a man that she met and became attracted to at first sight. That he was gay and a Catholic priest mattered little because his personality was the main attraction. She shared a few hours conversation with him and then he was gone from her life.

It struck me that some of the most amazing people I have ever met have floated into and out of my life at random, never to be seen again. They arrive with confidence, wit, amazing stories, and the ability to hold a room full of people in the palm of their hand. After a time they leave, and everyone in the room knows that they were in the presence of someone truly amazing. But, we never see them again in our circle of friends/work.

I love these people, because they offer me an insight into who I can become. If I let go of the nagging insecurities and just be myself, I could be one of those momentary sparks of life. Or, perhaps I am already and just don't know it.  You see, I don't think that these people ever understand that they affect people in such a way as they do. They are just being themselves, not attempting to play to the crowd.

Remember this, somewhere there is a person that will think you are amazing just as you are. They will always remember the moments they spend with you, and will be inspired because of you.

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