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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm out of here

The move is as complete as I can get it. All the posts are moved and I'll move the comments as soon as Wordpress get their import scripts updated.

My new blog is at blog.bagobonez.com. I hope I'll see you all over there.


Lily said...

Aaaargh! Went to your new blog but couldn't comment because I didn't know what to put in the boxes 'name', 'mail' and 'website'! I am a technical ignoramous :-( Help?

Bonez said...

Name: that would be Lily
mail: your email address if you want to provide it. It's not required.
Website: Http://lily-livered.blogspot.com (You'll be surprised how many extra readers you will get just from people clicking names at random in comments)

Now, come on over to my new place, it just doesn't feel right without a Lily comment on there :)

This blog has moved to Blog.bagobonez.com. Please go there to see new posts.