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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Physio and Drugs :)

Ahhh...I can move my neck again :)  Hit the doctor yesterday morning and he gave me some anti-inflammatory pills and sent me to a physiotherapist.  There was an awesome hot receptionist there which made the $70 bill somewhat more bearable.  Got my neck cracked, back cracked, pushed and pulled etc for about half an hour and woke up this morning with a massively improved neck which has done nothing but get better all day.

So now that I've gotten over the pain and the inconvenience I can get back into work.  My manager left the theatre about two weeks ago and they have promoted me to Acting Technical Manager until they advertise the position.  Basically they are going to advertise within the local council so it's pretty much a shoe in that I'll get the job full time.

It's strange to be working full time again.  I had a permanent job at the theatre in Maryborough for 2 years, but when I left in 2004 I worked as a casual or contract technician until now.  The lifestyle suited me well, lots of days off, no real stress and I made enough to pay the bills each week.  Now I've got to do 40 hours a week, I make $48k AUD a year, but the stress has gone way up (at least for now).  I'm finding that working within the Council is a red tape nightmare, with procedures for processes that regulate procedures.  Something as simple as ringing the carpenters to get a door fixed ends up being an email to the Facilities Request address, then a guy comes out to look at it (and only it, don't ask him to fix something that isn't on his work order), he looks at it, figures out what it needs and goes away.  Then, a week later, a different guy will come back and fix it.

And that's just for the small things.  Want to purchase something that costs more than $50?  Can't do that on petty cash, has to have a purchase order sent to the supplier who then supplies it.  Need 4 things but could only get 3 of them at one store?  Can't go to a different store that is in competition with the first one.  The list goes on and on!

Thankfully I still get to work on shows which keeps my hand in.  I don't think I could do this job if I never got to work on shows.  The office/desk job has never been part of my plan, and I think I would go crazy within a month! 

On a personal note, I wrote a song with a friend of mine about 2 years ago that ended up being recorded on his comedy duo's first CD. I did the recording, co-wrote the song, played all the instruments, and they sang it.

Today they got an email from Broadjam.com letting them know that the song had gone into the Spoken Word Top 10  Not sure how it gets into spoken word seeing as it's a full song but I'm stoked anyway!

I can't seem to figure out how to find the damn top 10 list but if you go to Broadjam.com and do a search for "The Laundromats" you will find the songs they have up on the site and you can have a listen. The song is called "Back, Sack and Crack Wax".

These guys have got a new CD coming out soon that we recorded live at the Sitdown Comedy Club a week or so ago.  I'll be announcing it on here when it comes out.


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